Domestic Relations Law

Domestic Relations Law

We represent domestic litigants in divorce and other cases involving family law. Domestic Relations law is an area of law that deals with all aspects of family relations. Domestic Relations law encompasses:

Domestic, child custody and visitation, children's rights, child support, spousal support (alimony), separation agreements, civilian and military divorce (dissolution of marriage), marital property division (equitable division), elder law matters, cohabitation agreements, pre-marital (pre-nuptial) agreements, marriage and other legal issues pertinent to the family.
Nothing is more emotionally charged than family disputes, particularly those involving domestic relations. Highly-skilled domestic relations attorneys, Attorney Peter R. Hickey understands the challenges families face when legal disputes or difficulties arise and we try to mitigate the devastation of a domestic relation issue with compassion as well as legal skill. Unfortunately, when a marriage dissolves or parents are separated, legal concerns must be addressed and legal assistance is required.

At Attorney Peter R. Hickey, we bring our 36 years of legal experience to facilitate the fair dissolution of a marriage to see that couples reach an amicable settlement agreement with as little hostility and legal expense as possible. But, should our clients find themselves in a volatile situation, we’ll protect our client’s interests and counter any unreasonable demands with aggressive strategies of our own.

We Offer a Full Range of Domestic Relations Legal Representation to Massachusetts Clients:

• Divorce
• Child Custody
• Child Support
• Spousal Support
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