Divorce Law & Mediation

Divorce Law & Mediation

You’ve decided you’re ready to get divorced, but what do you need to do next? You need to learn how the process works. While divorce is generally an adversarial action, pitting spouse against spouse. We handle no fault divorces, where to file for divorce, serving and answering a divorce petition, the discovery and general family court process, divorce records and related privacy issues, child support and custody, divorce mediation, and more.
Divorce mediation can be the most common sense, practical choice for couples facing a divorce. Mediation, a much less adversarial process than divorce through litigation in court, may avert the necessity of going to trial, saves money and helps the process move more quickly to a reasonable conclusion. While mediation is not for every situation, it is a worthwhile consideration when facing the prospect of divorce. In some situations, litigation may be necessary should one spouse be hiding assets or be under investigation for committing a crime.

One of the major benefits of mediation is the ability to control the outcome. If both parties invest time and effort into reaching an agreement, it becomes more of a personal investment in each spouse’s future. Mediating a divorce and/or custody situation allows the couple to make their own decisions about the process, rather than having an arbitrator or court make a final decision about their case.

Attorney Peter R. Hickey offers mediation services, and we work to assist you in reaching a resolution that is workable for both parties. In the role of mediator, we are not acting as attorneys or therapists. We are there to facilitate the process by ensuring that fairness, consideration, sensitivity, and mutual respect and co-operation are present throughout the process.

We understand that issues such as child custody, property division, and child support may be contentious. With mediation, couples are encouraged to set aside their personal differences and work to ensure the results are beneficial for their children. Mediation is very much about finding common ground where it exists and making it work to fast track an agreement that both parties can live with for the long-term. It is also about saving money that would best be left aside for the children’s care and education.

If you think you are capable of working through your issues in a one-on-one setting with an experience attorney/mediator, please call us to schedule a consultation about this process. We will advise you of the pros and cons, so that you are fully informed.
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